The farmhouse, situated in a very quite area but only five kilometres from the medieval historical centre, still turns out to be particularly rural place considering that here some wild animals constantly pass and it is possible to see deer, roe deer and fallow deer standing there in broad daylight as well as a couple of buzzards flying over the valley;Wolves, foxes, wild boars and porcupines are also a part of the territorial fauna.

Guests who visit Pistoia come here for various reasons.

Then there are Italian and foreign families with different interests who travel around Tuscany or Italy while discovering it, and the province of Pistoia surely offers a bit of everything. There are numerous folkloristic initiatives, especially in summer season: there are cultural performances, shows and countryside festivals everywhere. There are culinary events and many cultural and musical attractions which can't be missed. There are also some religious events which are often very characteristic and appealing.

Let's not forget the possibility to appreciate Pistoia's historical centre with its monuments, streets and squares but more broadly the little towns and villages scattered all over the province.

Important sport events of international fame attract numerous sport enthusiasts and, on the subject of sport, in Pistoia and on its surrounding territory there is a possibility to practice whichever activity ranging from more relaxing ones like trekking, golf, tennis, sailing... to those considered more extreme like paragliding, abseiling, climbing, rafting, skiing...

“Religious” tourism deserves a separate chapter. Apart from numerous churches of historical interest which can be visited here in Pistoia, it is worth highlighting that the city holds the relics of Saint Jacob (a sliver of the saint's mandible), the city's patron, and it links it closely to Santiago de Compostela in Spain. Therefore, it is an obligatory stop-over for those who, hiking over Via Francigena, want to visit the city dedicated to this saint, even if this road, which was used in ancient times to reach Jerusalem from France through ship-boarding in the ports of Apulia, passes slightly outside the province of Pistoia and follows into Lucca's territory. It used to be and still is an itinerary hiked over by pilgrims doing it as a penance (they must walk 25km per day) or to obtain purification of the soul and atonement of their sins. In reality, even if the officially recognised Via Francigena used to pass slightly outside Pistoia, the presence of Saint Jacobs' relics has been making pilgrims deviate in this direction to this very day, so that they follow Via Francesca della Sambuca (through the hills) which leads to Bologna, a kind of a shortcut to go up north.

Nothing should stop those who prefer not to move too much from having a rest in the tranquillity of the farmhouse where a pleasant long stream, a garden and a very scenic little wood will surely offer a private and secluded corner where to relax.

Whatever the reason that brings you to stay here, we hope to give you the best hospitality and help you chose places to visit.