City of Pistoia

Although it is relatively small, Pistoia offers many attractions for those coming to visit it even if its inhabitants are often unaware of them, excluding the fact it actually boasts some records not to be undervalued: Porretta railway, inaugurated in 1864 is an engineering jewel; Nursery Park is the first park-plant nursery in the world; the suspended pedestrian bridge of San Marcello is the longest in the world; the Celle farm has a museum of modern art situated in its 45-hectare park; Giovanni Pisano's pulpit is a work of art of medieval sculpture; the dome of the basilica of Our Lady of Humility is the third biggest in Italy; the eco-museum of Pistoia's mountains is the first of its kind in Italy...

Pistoia is a university city and a city of art while its historic centre is very lively and attracts young people from the surrounding towns. There are interesting folkloristic and sport initiatives as well as an excellent culinary tradition and many diverse naturalistic areas.

The most important reason to come and visit it is probably its excellent geographical position in order to visit the rest of Tuscany.

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