Photos of the farmhouse

The name Terra Rossa (Red Land) originates from the name of one fraction of the company reported on the cadastral map. The small farm is situated between 150m and 250m above sea level, on the west side of the Bure Valley and on the hills above Pistoia. A narrow stone bridge gives access to the accommodating house located directly on a stream.

Parting from the bottom part, if you walk for about few hundred metres among terraced rows of olive trees, you will reach the top part near the chestnut wood with its panoramic point from where you can get a glimpse down below of the city of Pistoia and the Bure valley's 12th-century church which has a dominant position on the hills above it.

On the hills surrounding the farmhouse there are some interesting itineraries that can be done on foot or riding a horse, given that there are stables nearby which have a considerable historical importance and scenic value. The first itinerary takes you up to the Bure valley's church and the other, much more appealing, covers the ancient Roman road called Via Baiana which is still paved in part and which, after 15 km, leads to the Acquerino natural reserve and the fountain in Taona.